About Olde Curiosity Music


Olde Curiosity Music encompasses the musical works of Neil Minsky. Neil's musical talents are diverse. Originally classically trained on piano, he has branched into many different styles from alternative rock to musical theater. His compositions have been placed in films and he continues to hone his expertise as a producer, composer, and artist.

Whether you want music for television, film, theater corporate videos, or CD-rom, original music can be created based on your needs. Collaboration with playwrights, musicians, and lyricists are always welcome. Furthermore, assistance with transcription and other pre-production work is available.

Partial Equipment List

Mac 2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo running MOTU's Digital Performer 7 as the main DAW. Sound libraries include MOTU MachFive 3, BFD 2, MOTU Symphonic Instrument, plus various libraries from EastWest, SampleTank, Yellow Tools, Kontact, Garritan, and Wallander. Main controller Korg SP-100 and outboard sounds include Roland Super JV 1080 and Proteus 2000 for vintage sounds.

Additional Software

Finale 2009 for transcription and orchestration, Final Draft for screenwriting collaboration. For submitting film projects, Final Cut Pro Suite (includes Motion, LiveType, SoundtrackPro, Compressor, and DVD Studio Pro) is the preferred editing platform, with Photoshop CS6 available for further image editing and manipulation. Dreamweaver and InDesign for website design.


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